Texarkana College Announces Fall 2021 President’s and Deans’ List Scholars

More than 920 students earned a place on Texarkana College’s scholastic honor roll for Fall 2021 by earning high grade point averages (GPA) in college-level semester credit hours. Students on the President’s List earned a 3.8 GPA or higher and students earning GPAs of 3.2 or higher were placed on the Dean’s List. Students in academic, workforce, as well as high school students participating in dual credit or early admissions courses, are eligible for placement on TC’s honor rolls. Part-time students enrolled in at least 6 semester credit hours of college-level course work and full-time students enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours of college-level course work are eligible for scholastic honor roll status.

TC president, Dr. Jason Smith, said that Texarkana College completion rates consistently rank as one of the highest in the State of Texas because of commitment by our students and support from TC’s faculty and staff.

“Texarkana College students are committed to achieving their dreams of earning college credit, furthering their academic goals, and bettering their futures,” said Dr. Jason Smith, TC President.  “I am so honored to congratulate these high achieving students on a job well done!” To View the List, Click here

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