Free College Courses Offered At Texarkana College

Texarkana College is excited to announce a new Online Logistics Micro Credential Training Program, beginning the week of March 21st, 2022. This one-semester certificate (8-weeks) program will prepare students for an exciting career in a rapidly growing field in supply chain management that is in high-demand from companies in this region and beyond.
This is a grant-funded program and there is NO COST to this opportunity for students to earn college credit in a rapidly growing and in-demand career field. Through this program, students will earn an entry-level certificate in logistics. A willingness to learn and a basic understanding of the field of supply-chain/logistics is ideal.
Students must complete all three of the following courses to earn the certificate:
–Introduction to Business Logistics: A systems approach to managing activities associated with traffic, transportation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and materials handling.
–Introduction to Materials Handling: Introduces the concepts and principles of materials management to include inventory control and forecasting activities.
–Warehouse and Distribution Center Management: Emphasis on physical distribution and total supply chain management. Includes warehouse operations management, hardware and software operations, bar codes, organizational effectiveness, just-in-time, and continuous replenishment.
For more information and to get started on the enrollment process, go to

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