By Dr. John Delony On my show, I often take calls from people in sexless marriages, people struggling with attraction after their partner’s weight gain, or people who don’t like who they are in their relationship. I talk to couples who are exhausted, frustrated, bored—and even people who are doingContinue Reading

Potatoes. That’s what mom said got us through the hard times. Potatoes. I honestly never knew we had hard times, but if she said we did, we did. And during those financial bumps in the road, we ate potatoes. Lots of them. Like many families, my parents had a garden.Continue Reading

Dear Dave, My husband and I are 30, and we are on Baby Step 2. He wants to go back to school and become a social worker. He currently makes about $20,000 a year as a teacher’s assistant, and he wants to take out student loans to do this. HeContinue Reading

It’s hard to beat pie. You can go to any fancy restaurant and order a $20 item from the dessert menu, but it won’t be as good as a slice of my momma’s chocolate pie. Or pie made by any respectable lady who grew up in the South — which isContinue Reading

At Shur-Way, my parents always carried a ticket. Shur-Way was our local grocery store in Ashdown, Arkansas. On the front of the building, it proudly said, “Our Meats Are Better.” This was a widely-known truth. My dad always said they had the finest center-cut baloney you could buy. The packageContinue Reading

My grandfather was driving us back from Broken Bow. It was late on a Saturday night. At least it was late for me. My bedtime was usually 8 o’clock. It was at least 8:30, and I was tired. My grandfather was a blacksmith. He went to Oklahoma each Saturday forContinue Reading

The last few years of my dad’s life, he would often say, “I don’t want to learn anything new.” He was serious. I would show him something new on a cell phone, or the latest item that was all the rage, and he wasn’t impressed. “That’s nice son, but IContinue Reading